Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN implants?

To ensure the safety of all animals, the precision needed to subcutaneously implant DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN, and the integrity of our business, a licensed veterinarian or experienced technician must order and administer the product. Veterinarians must order our products through one of our distributors - all other customers please contact Melatek directly.

When and where to implant DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN?

This is a question that is critical to the results that you will see in your animals. Each case of adrenal disease is different from animal to animal, but here are some generally followed guidelines.
  • When? ASAP and then continue every 4 - 6 months as you see needed. Since DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN is 100% natural melatonin, it can be administrated with other adrenal disease remedies available to the veterinarian.
  • Where? Between the shoulder blades under the fur in the subcutaneous layer. Melatek can send your veterinary instructions for performing the implant. The disposable implanter is no larger than that used to implant microchips, and is a highly cost-effective way to deliver the melatonin.

Can I implant DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN before / after adrenal surgery?

Yes. In fact, Melatek highly recommends you do both to assist your animal in the reduction of stress. Even after both glands have been removed, you should use DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN to assist the animal's recovery (weight gain, hair regrowth) and continued health.

How long before I see the benefits of the DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN?

DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN benefits will begin to show with in 1 - 2 weeks after implantation. Total reversal of the adrenal disease depends on the animals age, time / length of the disease, and overall health. But, generally, the animal's hair will start to regrowth within 6 - 8 weeks (this looks like bruising at first). The animal's behavior and eating habits should happen with in 2-3 weeks, and other symptoms will disappear over a 8 -12 week period. As the case after surgery, the swollen vulva will take longer to reduce to normal size. Like humans, each animal case differs, but these are the average times. If you see a variancee from these, contact your veterinarian.

Does DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN work better than a daily pill of melatonin?

Yes. Not only does DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN administer melatonin consistently over a four to six month period, but you won't have to worry about trying to get your animal to take pills every day. The half-life on an oral pill can be 90 minutes and the amount (mg) is considerably less than the 5.4 mg in a DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN implant.

Can I use the DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN with other adrenal drugs?

Yes. In addition, the implant is a low-cost option to treat adrenal gland disease, and it can also be used with Lupron. It can also be used with Propecia for males with prostate problems, and with Arimidex for females with estrogen-induced anemia (research by Jerry Murray, DVM). Remember, it's 100% natural melatonin. It's currently recomended to use with other implants as they work together to fight adrenal disease.

Does my veterinarian have to sedate my animal before implanting and are there any side effects?

No. The vast majority of animals can be giving the implants without sedation. The veterinarian can give the animal treats, for example, in the case of ferrets a treat such as ferretone, ferret vite, nutical, or laxatone, and administer the injection of the implant before they realize it. In young or hyperactive animals, scruff them and hold the treat up to them as you give the implant. As for side effects, it's been shown that your animal may experience 1 - 3 days of being lethargic. This is a natural reaction while the body regulates itself to the new levels of melatonin. In some case with dogs, there has been a small sterile abcess found after a number of implants have been used. In this case, if necessary, it is a simple procedure to remove the implant and clean the area.

Does the implant dissolve?

The DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN implant has been inserted into over 40 million small animals. The implant does not dissolve 100%, although there is research currently being done on this subject. This small implant (size is smaller than a piece of rice) has been added up to 10 times in animals with no side effects (with exception in less than 1% may have a small bump at inception site), but each time the veterinarian performs the implant procedure have them inspect the area. If needed, the DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN, implant can be removed by your veterinarian with a small incision, as a very quick and simple procedure.

What is the shelf-life and are there any side effects?

If stored as instructed, in a dark cool place, the implant has a shelf life of up to two years. It does not require refrigeration, but the product will have a longer shelf life if it is refrigerated. The only side effect is that the animal may be lethargic after the administration of the DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN implant for a period of 2 - 5 days. If the lethargic period is longer than this, please contact your veterinarian.

What do I do if the sterilized implant fell out of the needle during administration?

When opening the sterilized package, if the needle is not pointed upward, the implant may fall out of the needle. You can replace the implant and re-sterilzle the entire unit.

How much will FERRETONIN save me?

Surgery cost for adrenal disease can cost over $700, while other remedies available can cost over $100 every month. So, if you opt for no surgery or just want help after surgery with your animal's adrenal disease effects, DERMATONIN or FERRETONIN can save you hundreds of dollars and time, as well as give peace of mind. Note that it is less than 1/4 the cost of other drugs on the market.

What else? Just ask us we are here to help!