FERRETONIN melatonin implants give veterinarians a 100% natural way to treat adrenal disease in ferrets without use of harmful drugs. It is a continual release melatonin implant that is approximately the same size as a piece of rice and is implanted in the exact manner as a micro chip tag and subcutaneously between the shoulder blades. Because it's implanted (remove) in the animal, it eliminates the need for twice daily dosing of other forms of melatonin, and provides a consistent level of melatonin for maximum effectiveness for a time period up to 9 months.

The product comes in a gas sterilized, pre-loaded, disposable, implanting device to ensure the safety and wellness of animal patients, and the implantation must be administered by a veterinarian or an experienced animal technician due to the large size of the needle.

The implant is safe enough to be used every  4 - 6 months, for the remainder of the animal's life.

Melatonin implants provide a great alternative especially for older ferrets where surgery may be contraindicated, ferrets with other illness that would make anesthesia and surgery a high risk, or in cases where the owner declines the surgery option. It is also compatible with other adrenal medications that may be indicated in treatment.

Adrenal gland disease is one of the most common problems seen in pet ferrets aged 3-7 years. In ferrets with this disease, the adrenal gland(s) is overproducing the sex hormones estrogen, progestins. and testosterone. These hormones cause the clinical problems such as alopecia, itchy skin, an enlarged vulva (females), an enlarged prostate (males), increase in body odor, increase in aggressive behavior ("steroid rage"), a return of sexual behavior (neck grabbing, mounting, and even pelvic thrusting).

FERRETONIN melatonin implants can be used to stop the stimulation to the adrenal glands, and thus stop the overproduction of the hormones. It will reverse the following systems over 90% of the time in all ferrets over a 2 - 4 month period, and is also being used every 6 months as an Adrenal Disease prevention device.
  • Promotes fur regrowth, including tail
  • Promotes weight gain and muscle growth
  • Reduces stress on your ferret
  • Promotes normal state of playfulness
  • Reduces dry itchy skin and loss of fur
  • Reduces musky odor and oily build up
  • Reduces swollen vulva in females
  • Reduces urination difficulties in males
  • Reduces agressive and bad sexual behavior
  • Assist in pre and post-surgical prevention of adrenal disease in ferrets aged 3 years or more


One Ferretonin (5.4 mg melatonin) implant per male or female ferret approximately every 6 months, or as the veterinarian sees needed for best results.

Note: A 2.7mg melatonin implant is available for ferrets weighing under 600 grams.


May be shipped and stored at room temperature, but keep out of direct UV light. We recomend storage of the implants in a refrigerator between 36º and 46º F (2º and 8ºC) estimated shelf life of the product is two years, if maintained in correct storage conditions.

FERRETONIN Implanter Instruction Sheet (PDF)

FERRETONIN Implant Material Safety Data Sheet (PDF)

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